Application:  Will fit any year Banshee with stock style bearing carrier and stock length shock. Our swingarms have
factory located skidplate mounts, and chain slider mounting holes, threaded with the proper metric threads to use
the original bolts also. (chain slider uses spacers and longer bolts) They also come with new front pivot bearings

Our Quality Features:  High Quality! and Heavy Duty!  All our swingarms come with front gussets, and all except
stock and +2 come with rear gussets, making our swingarms superior to our competition. Shock and Carrier bolt
holes are precisely drilled and beefed up to prevent wallered out holes from shock movement, still using stock bolts
and fasteners. You can tell by looking, that we spare no time or cost while building these swingarms. They are top
notch! Anyone coming close to the quality of our swingarms will have a price tag of atleast 2-3 times our price!

Colors:  Our swingarms come with a durable powdercoated finish.  Either pick a powdercoat color from the picture,
or we offer a very wide range of custom powdercoat colors. Email for more details on custom color pricing and color
samples. Please allow extra time for custom colored swingarms. We can also send them in raw steel for you to finish
with your own method/color.

Lengths:  We offer Stock length, +2, +4, +6, +8, +10 and +12 lengths.  Contact us if you are wanting a different
length.  Common choices to add a little extra length and still allow easy trail riding and maneuverability are the +2",
+4" and +6".  I do my best to keep these sizes in stock in atleast Black and raw steel.  Contact us to find out what we
have in stock if you don't want to wait.

Warranty/Guarantee:  We offer a 1 year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee, that you will be happy with the fit
and finish of our swingarms.

What length of chain will I need for my swingarm?:  Below i have provided the closest even number of links that
should be needed for stock or close to stock gearing with 520 chain from simple math.  For example, Banshee 520
chain has a link distance of .625" and you need a link for both sides of the chain, so for a +.625" (or 5/8") swingarm
you would need 106 links, 2 more over the stock 104 links.  You can use the chart or do a little math to get close to
what you need, but keep in mind your chain may be stretched and the new one will not be.  Also keep in mind that
different manufacturers may consider their swingarms to be a +4" for example but depending on how accurate they
make their jigs, it could be off slightly (ive seen it!).  Our swingarm jig is made so that the extended lengths and
skidplate mounts, etc. are EXACTLY the distance longer that you order, and is based on a stock swingarm.  I like to
install my chains as much towards the front of the adjustment as possible so i have plenty of adjustment for
tightening when the chain wears and stretches out, but i dont like ordering them too short and i dont recommend
using extra master links to lengthen a chain, especially a worn one.

Number of Links Needed
Stock: 104
+2": 110
+4": 116
+6": 122-124
+8": 130
+10": 136
+12": 142

Notice!: It is highly recommended to order atleast a few lengths longer (even more if your gearing is far from stock)
and trim to fit to ensure you get enough.  It is much cheaper and easier to have too many than not enough!  This
chart is for reference, but i will not be held liable if you order a chain to exact length and it is too short.  If you have
stock gearing and are going from a stock swingarm or another manufacturers swingarm and the chart is off, please
feel free to email me to let me know the details and i can make a note for others to make it easier and more accurate
for them.
Yamaha Banshee Extended Swingarms
Powdercoat Colors
Custom Color Colorchart Number
Swingarms not in stock can and will be made in short order, but Contact Us for wait times for other lengths/colors if
you are concerned about time.  Normal turnaround time is approx 1 1/2 - 3 weeks, and depends on workload, but
Max wait time should be no longer than 3 weeks.  Handling time on swingarms that we have in stock, is usually 1 day,
as they are shipped same or next day via UPS depending on time of payment.
Extended Swingarms give added stability and traction for climbing, dragging or
duning, and also give your quad a much more aggressive look!
Yamaha Banshee
Extended Swingarms
Add a set of our
Footpeg Extensions
No additional S/H in US!
Designed for Offroad Use Only
Now with Improved Rotary Welded
reinforcements to provide more
beef and prevent “wallered out”
pivot holes with a very strong and
appealing weld.
Now all of our swingarms come
with the Improved Chain Slider
Support Brace!
!New Large Photo Album!
Massive album includes Products, Repair and
Installation Pics, Customer Projects, Shop Projects,
Customer Submitted Photos and more to come!
Under Construction, so check back for more!
See the photo album of my
personal Banshee build in the
Shop Projects Folder of the
Large Photo Album.
Custom Swingarms
I frequently get asked about making or
extending a swingarm for a custom
application.  I can, but making sure it will
work for your application is up to you and
normal pricing is $500 - $1200 (approx)
depending on application, complexity and
needs.  Lead time may be 2-4 weeks and i
will likely need your swingarm and related
parts shipped to me to insure proper
(please powerwash or clean first)
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