Application:  Made to bolt on any year Banshee with the stock style foot pegs.  May fit other 1" wide foot pegs with
the added step of drilling some holes.

Our Quality Features:  Our foot peg extensions turn your worn down ugly stock pegs into new Attractive and
Aggressive foot pegs that add 1 1/4" to the stock foot pegs width and length, and also 1 1/4" height at the top of our
Unique Spiked Kick-Up to prevent slipping off the pegs, and provide amazing grip for digging in on the corners.  The
are a 10 gauge Welded Steel Construction which is much more durable and longer lasting than Aluminum pegs and
thicker, stronger, sharper and much better looking than other cheap, plain, cut and bent steel extensions available.  
A great and lower cost alternative to spending several hundred bucks on a new set of aftermarket pegs!

Colors:  The foot peg extensions come in a durable Flat black powdercoat.

Installation and Hardware:  The foot pegs are made to slip over and be bolted on (as seen in the top view photo)
with the included hex bolts and Nylok nuts.  (the stainless fasteners shown on the display Banshee are not included)

Warranty/Guarantee:  We offer a 1 year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee, that you will be happy with the fit
and finish of our foot peg extensions!

Shipping:  Our foot peg extensions are in stock and ready to ship same or next business day!
Yamaha Banshee
Footpeg Extensions
A set of our Foot Peg Extensions Combined with one of our Extended Swingarms, will really change the look & feel of
your Banshee, setting it apart from all the rest!
No additional S/H in the US when adding a set of footpegs to a swingarm order.
Widen, Extend and add New SHARP Grip to your stock foot pegs,
and also give your quad a much more aggressive look!
Footpeg Extensions
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