Domestic Shipping is done with either USPS or UPS depending on size and weight.
Items usually ship next day.  US Shipments normally take 2-6 business days to arrive.

International Shipping is usually done via USPS Priority mail and Items usually ship next day.
International Shipments normally take 6-10 business days to arrive.

For further info on shipping, please check our Shipping Info page.

 How much is shipping?
A:  Domestic and Basic International shipping charges are calculated automatically.  However, to receive the best
International shipping prices for orders containing multiple (more than 2 shrinking discs or kits), heavy items, or for
orders that show up as $0.00 S/H, contact us for an email invoice, or phone order with proper shipping charges.  
We will NOT ship items until we have received payment for shipping.

Q:  Can I cancel or return my order?
A:  Orders of in stock items that have not been processed and shipped may be cancelled, but please make sure
you want to purchase an item before doing so.  Orders that have been processed/shipped cannot be cancelled.  
Orders/Returns for items that were not in stock may be subject to a 10% - 25% fee if production schedule was
changed to fit in your order.  Custom orders that are cancelled are subject to only a partial refund due to the
possibility of materials already being purchased and time already spent.  Fee will vary.  Custom orders cannot be
returned.  Any orders cancelled, returned or exchanged, may be subject to a 10% - 25% restocking fee depending
on item price, condition of the item and packaging.  This is at the sole discretion of Wolfes Metal Fabrication.  
Please make sure you are ordering the right item and are wanting to purchase it before you do!

Q:  Do your shrinking discs come with a backing pad?
A:  If you are buying a kit, yes it does.  I now offer both small and large backing pads.  If it does not state that it
comes with a backing pad in the description, then it is not included.

Q:  What type of backing pad can I use for your shrinking discs?
A:  Most large grinders come with a rubber or plastic pad that is intended for flexible sanding discs, and have a nut
that is tapered so it will sit flush with the surface when tightened. These work great, and can also be purchased
from most autoparts, farm, tool and home improvement stores.  It does not have to be the full size of the disc, you
can use a 7" pad for a 9" disc.  It is mainly needed for mounting, as the discs have plenty of strength by
themselves.  You can use your own, but ours have been tested to work with our discs in most situations.

Q:  I love your tool, and would like to tell you about it.
A:  Great!  Feel free to write a response about our tools and include pictures and/or your business/website
information if you would like.  If you allow permission, I will gladly post your story and link on our website for others
to see how well it worked for you.

Q:  What speed of grinder do I need for your shrinking discs?
A:  For the 9" discs 3000-6000 rpm work great.  I personally use an old heavy 6000 rpm grinder.  For the 4 1/2"
discs, most small grinders run at 10,000-13,000 rpm.  They will work great.

Q:  I paid and have not received my item, or I am unhappy because.....
A:  Please contact us about any problems or questions you have.  We strive to keep our customers happy and our
reputation at the top!

Q:  How do your shrinking discs compare to others on the market?
A:  Many people prefer the smooth disc over the wavy disc for several reasons, it is safer with the flanged edge
than the "saw blade" like edge the wavy disc has. The ridges are not necessary; they create unneeded vibration
and noise. The shrinking happens because of the heat. The ridges can actually lead to premature failure and
cracking due to wearing thin only on the higher area of the disc. Another reason, is the price difference. The other
disc has some various sanding materials and discs included (which most shops already have) and they throw in an
instructional video and they call it a kit, and charge well over $250!!, compared to our much lower prices even for
our Deluxe Kits!  My demo video is free to watch and it is easy to learn to use.  There is also a detailed Instruction
manual Included.  See our shrinking disc webpage for more info on why it excels over others.

Q:  How can I learn more about metalworking and using these tools?
A:  A great place to learn is  Search the forums and ask questions, there are many nice
people there sharing about the art of metalworking.
Frequently Asked Questions