If you need something made one off, prototype or production run, need help with a design or a
fix to a problem or breaking part,
we can make something from your sketch or drawing, or help
design a solution.

  • MIG Welding
  • Steel
  • TIG Welding
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Various other metals
  • Rotary Welding
  • For nice clean consistent welds around round sections of tube, pipe, etc.

CNC Services
  • CNC Plasma Cutting with Marking/Engraving for  Accurate Hole Center Punching Placement
             (see photo album for examples)
  • Flat sheet Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum sheet from thin gauges up to 1/2" thick for production
    (up to 3/4" for one offs or prototypes)
  • Rotary Cutting capabilites for Round Tubing (for designs, holes, slots, end profiles, etc) as well as
    Square and Rectangular tubing (up to 4" diagonal cross section normally, or larger depending on
    application or special setup)
  • From your Cad drawing or pencil drawing
  • Can supply cut parts only, or completely cleaned and ready to go

Other Misc Services
  • CNC engraving and light duty machining
  • Light duty Lathe turning / machining
  • Out of house sources for larger parts and/or quantities of CNC Laser / Waterjet, CNC Turned (Lathe) or Milled
    parts as well as Heat Treating when helping with your design or product

Custom Fabrication

Some ideas of custom projects include, but are not limited to....

  • Prototype Building of your idea & small production runs
  • Improving or modifying a prototype or improving a failing, bad part design
  • ATV customization - Extended swingarms, Custom Frames, Racks, Bumpers, Skid plates, Foot pegs, etc
  • Custom Brackets or Parts - Street Rod, Racing, 4x4 truck, Trailer, Gussets, Adapters, etc
  • Small to Medium Production runs of CNC Plasma cut and/or welded parts

Job Quoting / Pricing
Many jobs require time and material billing as the complexity and length of the project is unknown, but a request for
quote can be done for some jobs.  On time and material jobs, to eliminate a problem with collecting payments, a
downpayment will usually be required (there are some exceptions) and work will be performed until that amount is
used up, at which point another payment will be due to continue.  If a price is required before starting, for a faster
turnaround, provide me with a competitors quote for a similar job or a realistic price you would like to get it done for,
and I will do my best to either meet or beat it while providing you with the one on one small business interaction that
cant be beat!  This lets me focus more time on the projects/work that I enjoy, instead of time consuming price
Please Call or Email for more info or to setup an appointment.

Brian Wolfe

335 West St.
Bradshaw, NE 68319
Labor Rate - $50hr

(for specialty jobs)