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All I can say is WOW! After getting your Bead Roller mounted on a stand and using it, I
could not believe how easily it rose to the tasks at hand. Your Steering wheel style handle
makes working with metal way more friendly than the traditional hand crank. I am able to
concentrate more on what I'm doing because I have a consistent pressure on the wheel.
This makes for way more control and precision over my project. All the rollers seem to
work VERY WELL and are more than capable for the project cars and bikes that I work on. I
love the way you have designed this. It has to have at least double the rigidity of your of
the best investments for my shop that I have purchased.
Sincerly,  Jerry Charlson
Oregon City, Oregon
18 1/2" Manual Bead Roller
This thing works better than I could have hoped for. I have only been metal shaping for a
little while and I currently can not afford the cost of an english wheel. This little disc can
smooth out a panel just as well I believe. I was amazed when my project came out looking
as smooth as it did. Although in the directions (which are included along with the backing
pad and spindle nut) it states that the disc is not magic, ....... it is damn close. This is going
to be a very well used tool in my home shop for many years to come. It is already one of my

-Matt Patridge
Buffalo, NY
4 1/2" Shrinking Disc Kit
I really appreciate your help on this and just thinking it through.
Your tools fabricated 3 main functions in the product – without them PushNPutt would not work.

Jerry Mallonee
Jerry Mallonee / Image Industries - PushNPutt - Custom Built Equipment
As an International purchaser, I ordered Wolfe's Metal Fab planishing hammer as a new product on
the market, not really knowing what to expect.   The other affordable planishing hammer options
available being very limited, I was optimistic when I placed my order.  After receiving my Wolfe's
Metal Fab Planishing Hammer, not only was the packaging and shipping time professional, this
hammer's performance is flawless.

Wolfe's Metal Fab Planishing Hammer performs as well as brand name models of larger capacity,
well beyond expectations of a model of such compact size, (for those who know how to use them).
The included radius die set are a bonus, as comparative models do not include these dies as a

It is well finished in powdercoat, and is durable.  The mounting tabs are solid, and it doesn't move
when installed on a steady base.  I have found no problems whatsoever in over a year of ownership
with frequent use.  It's a no-nonsense design.  I have hammered through finished welds with no
damage to the hardened dies, that as a package are included.

For a shop planishing hammer, I would have no hesitation in recommending Wolfe's Metal Fab
Planishing Hammers to anyone in the market as a piece of affordable and worthwhile shop

The other planishing hammer options available out there are much more costly.

Thanks Wolfe's Metal Fab.


Tom Bragard
Tombsycles Inc.
Custom Fabrication and Restoration
Nunavut, Canada
HD22 Planishing Hammer
PushNPutt - Image Industries
PushNPutt - Image Industries
2nd Tool Designed & Manufactured for Jerry's Product
I don t like your product - I LOVE IT! The quality is excellent, and the shrinking really works
to take out micro stretches that make good bodywork difficult. I have ruined several body
panels in the past with overly applied heat shrinking that I could have repaired correctly
had I had your shrinking wheels. I m currently working repairing a Mustang rear quarter
that was wrecked years ago. I have been able to rework the metal and bring it back into
line so no filler is required. There are many places in the rear panel where the collision
body man used the point on his hammer to push the metal back so he could bury it in
Bondo. The small shrinking wheel has gotten me in there to remove the dimples and
properly repair the panel. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT. And you can tell the world I said so!

-Tom Jones
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Shrinking Disc Deluxe Kit
I received your prompt shipment of my 9 inch and 4.5 inch shrinking disc combination.  I
immediately used the 4.5 shrinking disc on an egg size bulge that I could not pound back
in.  After four to five passes using soapy water cooling spray after each run, the egg was
gone.  I followed your clear instructions and the product worked perfectly.

I still need to clean up the oil canning on two spots.  Thanks again, I feel I have moved into
the professional arena with your shrinking discs.

Vince De Marzo
Sierra Madre, CA
Shrinking Disc Combo Kit
A Hotrod/Rod and Custom magazine article on removing dents with our shrinking discs by
Cole Foster of the Salinas Boys.

Cole Foster
Shrinking Discs
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