"Alpha Wolf" CNC Plasma Gantry Kit

Start cutting out your own parts today!

Save a large amount of money on labor & freight, by building the table
structure yourself onsite with locally purchased steel & common
fabrication skills, focusing your money spent on Good Quality
Components to allow for a low cost, high quality industrial cutting table!

  • Can be used for Plasma, Laser, Router, Engraving, etc.
  • Any width (4' - 10ft' +/-) and Any length (4' - 100' +/-)
  • 4ft Gantry is under 115lbs and 10ft Gantry still under 200lbs!
  • Positional Precision - X & Y = .0006", Z = .0001
  • Plasma Cutting Accuracy Capabilities of .001" and better!
  • Rapid speeds up to 1000 IPM, cutting up to 500+ IPM
  • Belt reduction, oversized and spring tensioned gear drives      
    (low wear & no backlash without frequent adjustments)
  • Double wide stacked guide bearings, 28 total on main axis!!
  • Eccentric adjusters on alignment bearings for easy adjustments
  • Enclosed motors & belt covers on tables outside drives for safety
  • Hardened V bearing gantry linear rail (self clearing of debris)
  • Heavy duty homing and limit switches built into the Gantry
  • Z axis uses recirculating ball bearings in guides and drive screw
  • Z axis clearance of 6 3/8" allows cutting flat sheet & tubing
  • Allows use of a 2nd offset tool, such as an engraving scribe
"RTC1" CNC Rotary Tube Cutting Axis

  • Cut Round, Square and Rectangle Tubing on your CNC
    Plasma/Laser Machine!
  • Cope, Measure, Mark (bends) and Cut tubing to length with
    another cope all at once and ready to weld!
  • Improve Production Ease, Accuracy, Speed and Capabilities!
  • Brings capabilities of $xxx,xxx machines to an affordable price!
  • Opens New Business Opportunities!
  • Can be used in constant reversing applications (No Backlash!)
  • Provides Over 2 sq/in of Constant Grounding Contact while
  • Accuracy of .001 or better for most applications!

      Video Demonstrations!
"Easy"™ Weld Frame Boxing Plates

  • Available for Ford Model Ts, 28 - 31 Model As, 32, 33-34, 35-40
    Fords and More!
  • Easy Weld boxing plates makes fitting & Welding EASY
  • Adds much needed strength to original frames for our modern
    day roads and fast driving!
  • Available in Solid, Drilled and Dimpled
  • Full Length Builders sets, Box it your way, Full or Partial
  • A great time saver when boxing in a frame!

          General Installation Pictures

               More Detailed Pictures
"Easy Shrink" Shrinking Discs

  • Made using a Special High Grade Stainless Alloy & Manufacturing Process
    that creates a long lasting, low galling, crack resistant, safer & higher
    performance disc compared to older designs and discs.
  • Works on steel, stainless, aluminum, brass
  • Creates Heat through Friction to allow shrinking of the sheetmetal
  • Works with compressed air or water cooling (spray bottle or rag)
  • Is good for shrinking, smoothing, blending & relieving surface tension
    created from damage, including sandblasting!
  • Have sizes & Kits to fit standard 4 1/2" & 7" or 9" sander/grinder/polishers
    and 3" for Right Angle Die Grinders
Yamaha Banshee YFZ350 Extended Swingarms

  • Fits any year Banshee with Stock Carrier
  • High Quality and Heavy Duty!
  • Threaded skidplate & chain slider mounts in stock locations
  • Powdercoated, even Custom Colors!
  • Lengths - Stock, +2, +4, +6, +8, +10, +12
!New Large Photo Album!
Massive album includes Products, Repair and
Installation Pics, Customer Projects, Shop Projects,
Customer Submitted Photos and more to come!
Under Construction, so check back for more!
Yamaha Banshee Footpeg Extensions

  • Fits any year Banshee with Stock Foot Pegs
  • Widen, Extend and Add Fresh Aggressive Grip to your stock footpegs
  • Adds 1 1/4" of Width and Length, and our unique Spiked Kick-Up
  • Give your quad a more Aggressive Look!
Planishing Hammer & Pullmax Dies

  • Polished and Hardened to allow hammering over welds
  • 1" OR 13/16" Shanks
  • Full Sets or Individual Dies
  • Flat, 6", 4", 2", 1" and 3/4" Radius

  • .401 Shank Upper Hammer Heads also available
  • Improve the storage & organization of tie down straps
  • Will store the free end of tie down strap during use of securing loads
  • Permits the majority of the tie down strap to be wound into a small coil &
    stored in a small protected housing
  • Works best with 1 1/2" and 2" ratchet straps
  • Great for securing your Hot Rod on your Trailer!
  • A product of one of our local small town businesses!
18 1/2" Manual Bead Roller
  • Extra Rigid Frame design
  • 7 sets of dies, 3 bead, 3 flange & 1 shearing
  • Spring loaded upper shaft with adjuster crank
  • Convenient 17" hand wheel
  • 18 gauge capacity
  • Professional grade at a hobbyists price
HD22 Planishing Hammer
  • Up to 16 gauge steel & 1/8" aluminum
  • 3/16" wall frame tubing with 22" throat
  • Foot pedal speed control with air hose
  • Set of 4 56 Rockwell C Hardened dies
  • Planishing hammer stand w/ adjustable height
  • Beater Bag stand w/ adjustable height
  • Shrinker Stretcher foot operated stand
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