When building a street rod, throwing a modern day V8 motor in older day cars and driving the higher
speeds that we drive today, boxing in the original flimsy frames is a must.

Our Easy Weld boxing plates are cut undersized so that they would basically slip inside the original
frame rails, to allow for a V gap for great weld penetration, without the worry of grinding away too
much weld and sacrificing strength when grinding the welds flush.  There are steps or outward
notches incorporated into our boxing plates to prevent them from slipping inside the frame and
making fitting and adjusting difficult.

These are cut from 10 gauge steel (slightly thicker than 1/8") to give added strength when welding
motor mounts, crossmembers and etc to the inside of the chassis.

This is a 8 piece set.  The two longer pieces run from the rear of the frame, right up to the front
crossmember.  The main plates are made in 2 smaller pieces for ease of shipping and to reduce
shipping costs.  The smaller pieces are for the rear of the frame by the crossmember to allow you to
add a lower gusset and then box them in, or leave the one upper gusset and box below it.

These will fit all model T cars or trucks.  The frame measurements were based off of a 26 - 27 Model
T frame.

To state the obvious..some assembly, fitting and welding is required.
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Model T Boxing Plates
(10 gauge)

Model T Boxing Plates