CNC Rotary Tube
Cutting Axis - RTC1
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The WMF CNC Rotary Tube Cutting Chuck allows you to add the ability to cut Round, Square and Rectangle Tubing (even I beam and
Angle with special setup) to your CNC Plasma/Laser.  There are a limited amount of actual decent options that work well with good
accuracy to do this unless you are buying a very high dollar ($xx,xxx to $xxx,xxx price range) Industrial setup that is ready to go.  Our chuck
uses an ideal gear ratio from custom machined timing pulleys not available off the shelf that allow great accuracy while keeping motor
speed in an acceptable range.  Also, unlike many other options, this is not a gearbox that will either only let you cut one direction, or that
has lots of backlash creating undesirable cuts.  The timing belt tooth mesh is also increased from many standard applications allowing
great accuracy, no backlash and increased belt life.


  • Repeatable and fast production of measured, coped and cut to length tube with proper angles.
  • Roll cages or tubular structures: Cope one end, machine measures the tube, marks any bend locations (with scribe or laser etch)
    and then cuts off with another cope and you are ready to bend and weld repeatedly with ease while the machine is making more
  • Foldable cross members or assemblies (cutting pie shaped sections out leaving one side as a hinge) eliminating the need for cutting
    tube angles on a saw, aligning and welding together.
  • Cutting names, logos or text on round and square tube (even over the corners) for unique fabricated assemblies, fence posts,
    support columns, etc.
  • Gussets cut from tube eliminating the need to cut on the band saw and attempt to make them equal.
  • Too many applications to list from unique items impossible to make with standard tools, to improving production ease, accuracy and


  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor (380 oz/in Min Recommended) usable speed may be slower OR Nema 34 Stepper Motor under 4 1/8" total
    length (Nema 34 960 oz/in is our choice)
  • 3 Axis Controller for Round Tube, 4 Axis Controller for Square Minimum (it is recommended to have an additional spare Axis and
    Drive not needed for flat sheet operation, although it is possible to cut round tubing by unplugging your X or Y Axis and plugging into
    the Rotary Chuck as only 1 Horizontal Axis is used)
  • Cam and Machine Controller: Sheetcam w/ Rotary Add On and Mach3 / Mach4, Equivalent or a controller and program that allows a
    4th Rotary Axis to be configured.
  • Please make sure your CNC table / Control Box setup will allow attachment and operation of a 4th Rotary Axis
  • Also requires that You have some knowledge of your CNC Machine and software or have someone available to be able to setup and
    use on your machine.  This is not a Plug and Play ready to cut at a push of a button package!


Package Includes
  • Rotary Tube Cutting Chuck Assembly
  • 6" Self Centering 4 Jaw Chuck for easy use on up to 6" tubing, Round, Square or Rectangle.  Includes Inside and Outside Jaws.
    Inside Jaw Clamping .118" - 2.165", Inside Jaw Jamming 1.968" - 6.299", Outside Jaw Clamping 2.165" - 5.709"
  • Pulley for 1/2" stepper motor shaft standard (also have 1/4" in stock, 3/8" on request for additional charge)
  • Motor mount for a Nema 34 stepper motor standard (up to 4 1/8" long motor) OR Nema 23 stepper motor mount (at request)
  • 1 1/2ft external grounding lead to bolt to table
  • Instruction/Setup Manual with basic Installation and Setup Instructions as well as contact info for further setup assistance if needed

The RTC1 was designed to provide accuracy of .001 or better for most applications while using common 10x microstepping drives while
staying in the proper rpm range for maximum torque of most stepper motors for cutting on a wide variety of tubing sizes. The accuracy is
more than sufficient for higher end plasma/laser machines when using 10x microstepping, as well as lower end plasma machine accuracy
requirements even without using microstepping.  It can also be used in constant reversing applications as some options cannot, as there is
no backlash!

Examples of accuracy with & without use of Microstepping Drivers & actual motor RPM while cutting (IPM) different tubing diameters.

Amperage Capacity
Comes standard with 4gauge grounding cable.  Usually sufficient for Plasma Cutters 150amps and below (see your Plasma Cutters manual
or ground lead for verification)  Cable and grounding contact can be upgraded to larger if needed.

Weight/Length Capacities
Dependent on your machine setup.  For supporting extremely heavy loads or long tubes, secondary roller supports may be needed on the
extended tube.

Misc Features
  • Belt tension and ground contact can be inspected through the see through cover and belt adjusted without removing the cover.
  • "0" zero identification mark on the unit case is for easy re-zeroing of the chuck, if necessary for your use, for square tube,
    repeatability, etc.
  • The grounding mechanism supplies over 2 sq/in of grounding contact constantly, while rotating during cutting, to provide proper
    uninterrupted cutting and eliminate contact sparking

The main enclosure measures 12 1/4" Wide x 8" High x 6 1/2" Deep.  The 6" chuck protrudes approx. 5" from the enclosure.

  • Spare Grounding Contact $40
  • Longer Grounding Cable with Lugs $5ft
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor Mount
  • Pre-Installed and Wired 960 oz/in Nema 34 Stepper wired BiPolar Parallel (best performance & reliability with a 48-50 Volt DC Power
    Supply, 6.1amp Driver) $200
  • Install and wire your choice of motor (send it to us with desired wiring diagram) $75
  • Different Chuck size or # of jaws (contact us with your needs)
  • 1 on 1 phone or email setup and usage support $75hr (basic general questions are no cost)

The ground strap will last a considerable amount of time because of the large contact area around the shaft, but is considered a wear
item.  If replacement is necessary, contact us for a replacement or a spare.

Installation Notes

Stepper Motor
If installing your own motor, there will be some disassembly and reassembly to get your motor installed, (unless purchased with a motor),
you will likely have to loosen the bearing lock collar and large pulley set screws and partially slide out the tube shaft to allow the motor to
slide into place.  There will also be soldering needed on the plug/receptacle for your wiring leads.  If you would like your motor pre-installed
and wiring pre-soldered, please send us your motor and wiring lead with a legible diagram of how your machine needs your stepper motor
wired. (Unipolar, Bipolar, Parallel, etc.)  If you want the motor pre-installed but do not send your outside wiring leads, soldering your wiring
leads to the outside cable connector is all that is required.

Table Ground
The Rotary Tube Cutting Chuck has a grounding mechanism that creates a constant ground connection while it is rotating for proper
cutting and can be tied to your table ground by either bolting the case to your table (remove paint around bolts) OR connecting to the table
ground via a ground cable connected to the grounding bolt on the rear of the housing.

Additional Information

If you are needing a unit with a different enclosure size/configuration, motor on the outside, etc. contact us with your needs for a custom
built unit.

Wolfes Metal Fabrication will replace or repair any defects without charge that are due to a manufacturing or material defect for the period
of 90 days from the date of purchase.  This does not cover wear from use, abuse or damage from mishandling, improper installation or use
and determining of this is at the discretion of Wolfes Metal Fabrication.

Please make sure your machine setup is compatible with a Rotary Chuck addition before purchasing!  Research and ask questions
BEFORE purchasing!  Any returns are subject to a 25% inspection and restocking fee at our discretion!

RTC1 Rotary Tube Chuck Options
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