• 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 3/16" rectangular tubing (the HD model will not flex like the
    smaller tubing planishing hammers)
  • 22" throat and 11.25" to bottom tube from die surface
  • Adjustable lower die holder
  • Includes a 4 bottom die set (Flat, 6", 4" and 2")
  • More dies are available
  • Dies are 4140 tool steel hardened for durability on the Rockwell C scale
  • Capacity of 16 gauge steel and 1/8" aluminum
  • Air motor has speed control up to 4500 bpm
  • 4cfm @ 90 psi min.
  • Quality foot pedal and hose for speed control and on/off
  • Durable finish
  • Free earplugs with a planishing hammer purchase!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and dies, One year on motor
If you restore old cars, build street rods or motorcycles, repair aircraft panels, work with
race cars or any other type of metalwork, the HD22 planishing hammer is a must have tool
for you that will reduce the amount of time you spend working on smoothing a panel,
making domed parts, motorcycle gas tanks, repairing aircraft cowling, custom parts, you
name it.  It will also do a better job and is much faster than using a hammer and dolly by
hand.  This unit will shape and planish (smooth) metal.  Use it to make your own parts, or
to straighten and smooth original sheetmetal panels.  Compare to other similar planishing
hammer models prices of $700 - $1500!
Stands are available seperately
HD22 Planishing Hammer


May or may not be available in the future.

If you would be interested in weld up yourself kits,
contact me.