Alpha Wolf
NC Plasma Gantry Kit
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If you are looking for a top of the line CNC Plasma / Laser / Router Gantry kit that is a great "Value" for its price and surpasses the "Cheap" hobby
price point machines, that you can use to complete your own light Industrial CNC cutting system with some sweat equity to save some money, you
are in the right place!  The Alpha Wolf CNC Plasma Gantry will be a supreme leader in its class & reign superior because of its simple, yet highly
effective design features, great value, excellent strength, durability, exceptional accuracy & precision plasma cutting capabilities!  Many DIY people
and fabricators are capable of building a CNC machine, but it is not economically smart to do so totally from scratch, taking away from valuable
billable business hours as the time involved in order to understand all the important elements, eliminate the large amount of time it takes to
properly design, test and improve, as well as the trial and error associated in achieving a quality cutting table of this magnitude.  It just does not
make sense.  This is were our time already spent in these areas, can save you time and money but still allow you to achieve a "self built"
professional CNC table focusing your time on things that you are more productive at, which saves you time and money!

Features and Specs
  • Any width (4' - 10ft' +/-) and Any length (4' - 100' +/-) - actual width is several inches wider, allowing tool offset & cutting full sheet width.
  • 4ft Gantry is under 115lbs and 10ft Gantry still under 200lbs!
  • Setup for 3 Nema 34 stepper motors for the X & Y axis and 1 Nema 23 stepper motor for the Z axis (will accept other motors with adapters)
  • Positional Precision - X & Y = .0006", Z = .0001
  • Plasma Cutting Accuracy Capabilities of .001" and better from a used 2 yr old table using only a hand torch! (see video)
  • Rapid speeds up to 1000 IPM, cutting up to 500+ IPM (actual, realistic, practical used speeds are usually lower but these are possible)
  • Belt reduction, oversized, spring tensioned gear drives (low wear & no backlash without frequent adjustments)
  • Double wide stacked guide bearings, 28 total on main axis!! (provides extra long living bearings, smooth rolling and a very rigid machine)
  • Eccentric adjusters on alignment bearings for easy fine tuned adjustments
  • Quick disengagement pins on main axis for easy cleaning, adjustment and movement by hand of the gantry in an unpowered state
  • Enclosed motor mounts and belt covers on tables outside drives for safety
  • Hardened V bearing gantry linear rail (self clearing for dirty environments)
  • Heavy duty homing and limit switches (very important for indexing sheets, tubes, etc with repeatable accuracy and for collision safety)
  • Z axis manufactured using recirculating ball bearing guides and drive screw on Z axis, mounted with double opposing bearings
  • Z axis clearance and travel of 6 3/8" allows cutting of flat sheet and tubing
  • Allows use of a 2nd offset tool, such as an engraving scribe
  • Save lots of money on labor & freight, by building the table structure yourself, onsite with locally purchased steel & common fabrication skills
  • Complete the CNC table with a CandCNC Electronics, Software & PC package (or other) and finish up yourself to save even more money

Purchasing Options and Pricing
All kits include all the same parts, but are offered at different levels of completion.  If you are not comfortable getting everything aligned, squared,
parallel, etc. we recommend you purchase a complete gantry that will only require minimal adjusting when installing on the table.

  • Complete Alpha Wolf Gantry - Assembled (Easiest for you)
    Painted, Assembled and Adjusted ready to set on the table with only minor adjustments

  • Complete Alpha Wolf Gantry - Unassembled (Recommended Best Value!)
    Unpainted welded X, Y and Z assemblies ship partly assembled with required hardware.  Gantry linear rail may be dropshipped.  Main tube
    (trimmed and drilled) and table gear rack ship together.  All items ship via UPS in multiple packages.  Requires main parts to be painted,
    assembled and adjusted while setting on the table.  Does require common fabrication knowledge for properly finishing and aligning.
    Can also save approx $750-$1000 of freight cost!

  • Alpha Wolf Gantry Kit - Bare Bones Parts ONLY! (Lowest Cost - Most work for you)
    Still includes all of the same parts, however, some drilling and trimming may be needed, parts are not trial fitted, not welded, not assembled,
    not aligned or adjusted - Lowest Possible Cost - Requires competent, skilled DIY fabricator!  If you are not a DIY person, this is not for you.
    Currently limited instructions, but pictures and simple videos are available.  As time allows, we are working on improving instructions.
    If you have doubts, please contact us first and make sure you are capable and confident to ensure successful completion! No returns!

  • Table Drive Kit
    Includes gear rack for both sides of table rails, VHB tape for securing (optional) and cable carrier.  This IS needed to complete the table.

---If you are unsure which package to choose, Contact Us to discuss which package is right for you!---

Alpha Wolf CNC Gantry - Included Package Contents
A kit, either complete or unassembled will include all necessary parts and hardware for an operational CNC Gantry as pictured and described
except items listed under "NOT Included".

  • Gantry Assembly
  • X Axis Drive and Guides
  • Y Axis Drive and Guides
  • Z Axis Assembly
  • Cable Carrier (1" x 2" ID standard) and tray for Gantry Axis
  • Cable Carrier (1" x 2" ID standard) and Gear Rack x2, for dual side drive Table Long Axis (specify table travel desired)
  • Heavy Duty plunger style home/limit switches for all Axes except Z (use material and floating head switch or ohmic touch torch sensor)
  • Belt Drives, Spur Gears, Bearings, Eccentric Adjusters, Motor Mounts, Spring loaded gear engagement adjusters, Belt covers, Quick release
    pins, and all required hardware.
  • Basic Assembly Instructions and Access to Simple YouTube Videos showing how parts of the table are designed and to aid in table
    manufacturing and assembly.

NOT Included
  • Table Structure
  • Cutting Slats
  • 1/2" x 3" Cold Rolled Rails for long axis (acquire from local steel supplier)
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Torch Mount
  • Air Scribe Kit (optional)
  • Extensive Instructions

See CandCNC for..
  • Electronics
  • Motors
  • Wiring
  • Connectors
  • Computer
  • Software
  • Software Support

Shipping on all options except for Complete Assembled Gantry ship in the US for $200 via UPS (includes table drive kit).
Inquire about Freight costs for the Complete Assembled Gantry for an accurate quote, or arrange pickup.
Projected lead time of units not in stock is estimated at 4-6 weeks depending on work load and demand but may be available sooner.

Want More Info?
To prevent boredom, we have compacted the information on this page.  For more details, product development info, comparisons, full features list,
explanations, future options and more, see our similar but longer,
full length page here.

Product Pricing, Options and Shipping are subject to change at any time.  In the event of any published errors or incomplete orders, Wolfes Metal
Fabrication has the right and sole discretion to contact the customer and correct the issue accordingly.  The "Alpha Wolf" name, design and
features incorporated into it are the sole property of Wolfes Metal Fabrication and are published on this date of 07/15/2016.  Any infringing
duplication of any of the above are subject to the full penalties of the law.

Alpha Wolf™
CNC Plasma Gantry
Select Gantry Cutting Width
Recommended Option!
Complete Unassembled Gantry
Limited Quantities
Available Initially!
Made to Order

Alpha Wolf™
CNC Plasma Gantry
Select Gantry Cutting Width
Complete Assembled Gantry

Alpha Wolf™
CNC Plasma Gantry
Select Gantry Cutting Width

Alpha Wolf™ Table Drive Kit
(Required to Complete Table)
Select Desired Cutting Length of Table
Table Cutting Area Length
Complete Electronics & PC/Software Packages
Bladerunner - CoreCNC - PlazPak (recommended)
Windows & Mach 3 / 4 OR
LINUX & Command CNC
Explanation of "Purchasing Options" below.
Inquire about other sizes and/or options.
Parts ONLY Kit!
Requires a Competent Skilled DIY Fabricator!
See more pictures in our Photo Album
or visit our YouTube Channel Playlist for CNC
Cutting demonstration videos.

If you prefer a longer read with all details, features,
comparisons & product development info,
See our
Full Length information page HERE.

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